Apartments Vrbovsko-Moravice

Apartments in Vrbovsko and Moravice

Vrbovsko, a paradise for hikers, entertainment and recreation, halfway between Zagreb and Rijeka

     This place, rich in history, will be an ideal place for vacations and holidays for all lovers of nature, poetry, sports and recreational activities. Located exactly halfway between Zagreb and Rijeka, it will enable you to enjoy the natural beauty of the Kupa River, and the remains of the rich cultural heritage, one of which is the must-see Castle of the families Zrinski and Frankopan  which dates back to the 15th the century. Relax with fishing, canoe at Kupa, ride one of the many bike paths, and a refresh yourselves by a swim. Be sure to go to Lukovdol and visit the birthplace of the famous Croatian writer Ivan Goran Kovacic and seek accommodation in one of the many apartments, studio apartments, holiday houses and rooms to relax after the exciting experiences that will delight you with their variety, each day you spend in Vrbovsko.

Moravice, the place of railway on two hills between which the river Dobra hums

     By its geographical position, Moravice have had a great significance because they are an important road which leads from Karlovac and Zagreb to Rijeka in its natural "highlands" direction. It abounds in natural beauty, out of which two lookaouts stand out - Spicasti Vrh and Medveja Stena, from which there is a wonderful view of the large part of Gorski Kotar and our neighbor country, Slovenia. Finding themselves in Moravice, all nature fans will feel like in heaven, having gotten the chance to enjoy many rare species of mountain flowers, and in many species of colorful butterflies in the valley of the Kupa River. Your experience will be complemented by the stay in one of the many private accommodation facilities with friendly hosts who will complete your holiday experience in Gorski Kotar.

Renting apartments in Vrbovsko and Moravice

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