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Apartments in Vukovar and Vinkovci

Experience the charms of rural tourism in Vukovar, the largest port of the river Danube in continental Croatia

     Located near Vinkovci and Osijek, Vukovar is a cultural and economic centre of the Croatian part of Srijem. It became world-wide known for "the Battle for Vukovar" and the sad fate it had experienced during the Homeland War; since then this town in Slavonia has been attracting with the beauty of its cultural and historical heritage. Founded in the Neolithic times and having been the important defensive point of Croatia throughout history, Vukovar is still adorned by numerous historical monuments and artefacts such as the Vucedol Dove, the Eltz Castle housing the Vukovar City Museum, the Baroque city centre, Lavoslav Ruzicka’s birth house, as well as the Memorial Home and the mass grave Ovcara as sad reminders of the brave Homeland War heroes. Nature and outdoor activity lovers will certainly be delighted by the sports and recreational offer of the city of Vukovar. Stroll down the banks of the Danube or try fishing on Eagle Island, widely known as the "paradise" for anglers with a beautiful sandy beach. Your palate will be enchanted by rich cuisine with traditional Slavonia dishes and freshwater fish specialties made of catfish, carp, perch and other freshwater fish. Find accommodation in numerous apartments, guest houses on country farms, rooms for rent, or holiday houses and let the cheerful hosts chase away the sadness that came over you at the memory of the horrors that Vukovar suffered.

Vinkovci - a small town with big heart, just a few kilometers from Vukovar and Osijek

     "Come to Vinkovci," the well-known Croatian song lures you to visit this city on the Bosut that has become famous and got the status of a must-see tourist destination due to the well-known manifestation “Autumn in Vinkovci”. But the variety of offer in this city,  just 30 kilometers away from Vukovar, will prove that you should visit Vinkovci during other seasons, not only during autumn. The ancient Romans called it Cibalia, and the excavations of Sopot with the numerous remains from that era can be visited even today.  If you enjoy active holiday, look for entertainment on a great number of sport courts or play tennis in the company of world-renowned tennis players, who frequently visit Vinkovci because of the top quality tennis courts. For all the gourmets among you, there is the rich cuisine which will leave none of gourmets indifferent. All those looking for the exciting night life must visit the "French Quarter", a popular meeting point of the youth from Vinkovci and the surrounding region. Come to Vinkovci and let this little town with a big heart steal yours.

Renting apartments in Vukovar and Vinkovci

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