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Apartments in Zagreb

Being the centre of entertainment, culture, sports and art life, not far away from the spa and the Adriatic Sea, the Croatian capital Zagreb is an ideal place for relaxation and enjoyment

     When in Zagreb, take a walk around the historic core Gradec built in the Middle Ages and visit the square Trg Sv. Marka with the well-known church, in front of which the Croatian presidents take their oath; among the many cultural heritage sites of Croatia here lies the Kula Lotrscak - a favourite meeting place of lovers, famous through the works of great Croatian writer Marija Juric Zagorka – at the foot of which Strossmayer promenade continues, linking the Upper and the Lower City. The must-see pearls of the city of Zagreb are certainly Kaptol and Dolac. Kaptol became known in history as the headquarters of the clergy and the wealthy people in Zagreb. On the other hand, Dolac was its opposite and, as the most famous open-air market, it was a favourite meeting point of the Zagreb’s female market sellers and "ordinary" people. Today, the historic boundary between the Lower and Upper Town of Zagreb consisting of these parts and the Tkalcic Street, which was built to bridge the stream Medvescak, have become the centre of night life in Zagreb. One of the popular tourist destinations is surely Ban Jelacic Square, the central point of the pedestrian zone of Zagreb and the venue for numerous events, concerts and meetings in the open. There is, of course, the famous street called Ilica nearby. For all those who like shopping, this long street in Zagreb is the right choice. With many possibilities of entertainment in the well-known nightclub Tvornica and many other nightclubs, Zagreb also allows you to enjoy the rich cuisine in the restaurants on every corner. If you are looking for action and sports, there is Lake Jarun with its various attractions. Accommodation is guaranteed in a variety of luxurious apartments, weekend houses and first class hotels. If you prefer a quiet holiday, head for one of the many spas that Zagreb is surrounded by. The overall picture of the Croatian capital is completed by its favourable geographic position that allows you to "plunge" into the Adriatic Sea in less than 2 hours; this makes the Croatian metropolitan area an inevitable destination of every tourist.

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