Beaches for pets in Croatia

The most popular beaches for pets

     dog friendly beachIn the last couple of years the need for dog beaches has increased. Croatia follows the world trends and it appreciates and welcomes tourists with pets, therefore more and more dog beaches have been opened lately. At this moment, the island of Krk has got the biggest number of such beaches. There you can bring your pets to the beautiful cove Drazica, to Silo or in Baska. The island Losinj has got eight dog beaches, and the two most popular ones are the beach between Veli Zal beach and the Madonna Cape, as well as the beach near rocky Bojcic beach. They meet high quality standards and are equipped with specialized waste-baskets, and the dog showers will be installed soon. Besides on Krk and Losinj, the famous Croatian dog beaches are Kostrena and Ploce in Rijeka, Vartalac in Komiza, and Kampa Istra beach in Porec. Although they are not that famous, you will love the dog beaches on Rab, Cres, Ugljan, Murter, and Pag for their high-quality standards, crystal clear sea and the beauty of Mediterranean vegetation.

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