Holidays in Croatia

Holidays in Croatia - When to visit Croatia?

     There are many reasons why people should visit Croatia during the whole year. They can start the season with unforgettable New Year's nights followed by exciting carneval days, various traditional and cultural events, the Easter week as part of the early season and finally enjoy the extremely attractive summer season. After the extraordinary intensity of the summer season's experience, the season will pass into a calming autumn. No wonder that Croatia provides excellent justification for having the status of one of the most desirable tourist destinations. The secret of its success lies exactly in the combination of well-preserved nature, a crystal clear sea, cultural and historical heritage, diverse gastronomy, a hospitable population and last but not least reasonable prices for hotel and private accomodation.  

     The offer of accomodation capacities is very diverse and varies from the letting out of rooms and apartments in private accomodation to luxurious hotel accomodation. Starting with the month of May the rooms and apartments open their doors wishing their guests welcome. May belongs to the early season. The days are long and sunny and the accomodation prices at the seaside are very reasonable. Summer holidays at the seaside during the month of June are a tourist must. The letting of rooms and apartments is in full swing. June provides a vigorous impetus and Croatia has a great influx of tourists. The tourist season is at its highest peak in July and August with a record-setting response of tourists coming from all over Europe. However, the number of tourists from non-European countries increases every year.

     For those who have experienced holidays in Croatia, spending their time in Croatia has become a good habit and lifestyle. During the peak of the summer season, extra rooms are always wanted both in hotel and private accomodation in Croatia. September compensates with a unique atmosphere characteristic for late summer. In Croatia the late summer season can last till the end of October. It provides an opportunity for an enjoyable atmosphere with smoother life dynamics and much lower accomodation prices in hotels and private rooms and apartments.

Active holidays

     When taking in account people's different ages and affinities, there are many possibilities of how to organize one's free time between the relaxing on one of the Croatian beaches and the enjoying of the sea. The most popular free time activities in Croatia are: sailing and yachting, scuba diving, game fishing, spear-fishing, cycling, rafting, hiking and caving.

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