Nightlife in Croatia

Good entertainment and nightlife in Croatia

     night life"A small country for great vacation" – this is a slogan that Croatia is officially represented by in the world. However, considering the past couple of years, that sentence should be changed to "Small country for a big party." Namely, an increasing number of tourists come to Croatia for wild entertainment on the Adriatic coast, enjoying the hot summer beats on the Zrce beach on the island of Pag, Carpe Diem in Hvar, the Arena in Pula and the Sunj beach on Lopud, which became one of THE gathering places of exclusive guests, who dock their expensive yachts in this little cove during their visit to Dubrovnik to party all night long. The continental part of Croatia compensates for the lack of beaches and sun by organizing numerous musical and theatrical events and festivals. The most famous that should be mentioned are open-air InMusic Festival and the concerts in Tvornica in Zagreb, Beer Days and gigs in Mini Teatar in catacombs in Osijek, the DOF festival in Pozega, and certainly the inevitable Spancirfest and Baroque Evenings in Varazdin.

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