The Road to Croatia

Travelling to Croatia by car

     Croatia is well connected with its inland as well as with the rest of Europe. It is recommended to respect the laws that regulate the traffic. They do not differ significantly from the traffic regulations in other European countries. However, it is important to mention the major ones: driving with the lights on during day and night is compulsory as well as the use of the safety belt. The use of the mobile phone while driving is strongly forbidden except for the handsfree device. The maximum allowed quantity of alcohol is 0,5‰ except in cases of an offence. In that case it is treated as a separate criminal offence.

Speed limits:

  •     Towns and cities – max. 50 km/h
  •     Local roads out of town max. 90 km/h
  •     Motorways max. 130 km/h for motors and cars
  •     Motorways max. 80 km/h for vehicles pulling trailers and for coaches with or without a smaller trailer

24h Breakdown service dial number: 1987

     During the whole year petrol stations are open from 7:00 to 20:00. However, during the tourist season they are open 24h a day in all the major cities. Every petrol station offers Eurosuper 95, Super 95, Super 98, Super plus 98, Euro Diesel and Diesel and in better equipped petrol stations consumers can buy liquid gas and Bio Diesel.

     Pay-toll is paid according to the number of passed kilometers and according to the vehicle's category.
At the toll you can pay cash or by creditcard like AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO and VISA.

Travelling to Croatia by air

     Croatia's national air company is Croatia Airlines. Via direct flights it connects Croatia with a great number of European destinations like: Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Munich, New York, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Zürich, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Podgorica and Priština. In cooperation with other air companies it connects Croatia with the whole world.

Major airports in Croatia are: Zagreb (Croatia's biggest international airport), Split, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Zadar, Pula, Brač, Lošinj and Rijeka/Krk..

Travelling to Croatia by coach

     Croatia is connected with its neighbouring countries and the majority of central and western european countries through regular international coach lines. Coach stations are to be found in all the major Croatian cities: Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka, Pula, Split, Šibenik, Zadar and Dubrovnik: the international dial number for informations about coach lines in Croatia is +385(0)161 12789 and the dial number within Croatia is 060 313 333.

Travelling to Croatia by train

     Croatian Railroads are directly connected with Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Serbia and with almost all the european states through an indirect combination of trainlines. The dial number for informations about all the inland train lines is 060 333 444. The dial number for informations about international trainlines is +385 1 4573 283, but tourists can also find informations on the Internet on

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